2017 Timbersled Snow Bike - FIRST IMPRESSIONS

Initial thoughts from the launch of Timbersled’s latest snow bike conversion kit.

Timbersled snow bike ramp jumping action

Timbersled, makers of the snow bike conversion kit systems, is launching its new product this week in Northern Utah, and I've just had my first chance to throw a leg over a Husqvarna FC450 equipped with one of its kits. And that means, yes, I'm typing this update with a smile.

We’ll have a full first ride review as soon as I’m back in a slightly warmer, much sunnier Southern California and have shaken all of the snow off of my boots, but for now I can tell you that these snow bikes really are as much fun as they look.

Out here in Northern Utah to ride the latest Timbersled snowbikes. Lots of man hours have gone in to further developing the front ski for better steering and tracking, and continuous updates to the back end are intended to help the bike work better on a hillside. Excited to try this latest version out. #Timbersled #SnowBike

Yes, it’s quite a bit different than riding a dirtbike or a snowmobile, and the steering takes a few minutes to get used to, but once you get into the deeper snow and really start trusting the ski/track setup, you can do some truly unbelievable things. See a hill you want to climb? I’ve got money it will take you to the top, regardless of how steep the trail gets or how tight. Or how inexperienced you are, as was the case with me on my first run up the mountain this morning…

I’ve only had around three hours on the bike since and could probably go for a few more—if not an extra week—but am already coming to grips with the handling, which I think speaks volumes to the bike’s user friendliness. I’ve dipped off into a meadow to run figure eights, cut through the narrowest of tree-lined trails without navigating my way to a stop against a tree stump, and even launched the bike off a few mounds of snow.

Ready to roll out for the first time. Partly excited, partly nervous. Let's see how long it takes to get used to having a rear brake on the handlebar, and no brake pedal. #Timbersled #Snowbike

Overall fun factor is through the roof, and I’ve only had more fun with each new thing I’ve convinced myself to try on it. I’m even debating if this is one of the most fun things I’ve done on a motorcycle. There’s just something about being able to go basically anywhere you please that takes everything I love about motorcycling and the sense of freedom that comes with it, and multiplies it by ten.

I’ll sit down and really let it all settle in, of course, and have a full first ride review up once it does. For now, here are some updates from the day:

Turns out the @Timbersled snowbike will go just about anywhere you can imagine. Find a spot at the top of a mountain that you want to check out, and it will take you there, regardless of how steep or tight the trail gets along the way. Impressive.

First attempt at jumping the Timbersled snow bike. Suspension on the back cushions the landing, and stock fork internals do their best to keep the front from bottoming on landing.

Timbersled staff showing us how it's done. Truly amazing what you can do on these bikes. Getting more and more comfortable with each mile.