Ryan Reynolds And His Triumph Thruxton Café Racer

Deadpool star talks about newest motorcycle and what motorcycling means to him

Celebrities are just people. People who happen to be really good in front of a camera, yes, but also people who more often than not share a similar passion as you or I. Ryan Reynolds, star of Deadpool and a long list of other movies that you’ll probably never admit your wife made you watch, is one of those people—a motorcycle person. A motorcycle person with good tastes and a knack for putting into words what we’ve long felt about motorcycles, we might add.

The recently released clip featured above is a perfect example of both, with Reynolds not only introducing his newest ride, a Triumph Thruxton café racer built by Dustin Kott of Kott Motorcycles, but going on to explain how he got into motorcycling and what motorcycle riding is to him.

In the clip, Ryan Reynolds isn't a celebrity—he's just another motorcyclist, and one that you can probably relate to in one way or another. Whether it's in how he feels about hitting the open road on a bike, or how he got into motorcycling as a 15-year-old on a "pile of crap" Honda CB750. Hit play on the video above and see if you don't feel the same.

Also, what do you think about the Thruxton? Like it or not?