BACK IN TIME: January 1966

Cycle World magazine cover January 1966

Originally from the January 1991 issue of Cycle World.

A milestone, for certain. To celebrate, the words "Fourth Anniversary Issue" were bold printed in the top right-hand corner of this issue. But a picture of a beautiful new Triumph T120/R Bonneville–white tank, stainless-steel fenders and dual, chromed exhausts–was this issue's real drawing card.

Cycle World magazine January 1966 BSA ad layout 1
Cycle World magazine January 1966 BSA ad layout 2
Cycle World magazine January 1966 BSA ad layout 3

And as a bonus was a four-page, center spread BSA insert. "Move up to a man's motorcycle… Move up to a BSA," instructed the big type below a picture of a gorgeous 650cc Spitfire Mk. 2 Special. Equipped with racing camshafts, high-compression pistons, dual carburetors (with velocity stacks), alloy rims, big front brake and a bright-red, racing fuel tank, the Spitfire Special was, and is today, a great-looking motorcycle.

Cycle World magazine January 1966 Harley-Davidson ad layout

The motorcycle ads always provide fun reading in these old issues. A Harley-Davidson pitch is especially neat. It proclaims, "Hot before, sizzling now!" The ad's small type goes on to tell how the Sportster H and CH models could blow away other makes in competition or on the road. The clincher is a large picture of two Sportsters descending a steep, grass-covered hill, the riders in shortie helmets, short-sleeve shirts, loafers, street pants and no gloves. Didn't know that Harley-Davidson used to make dual-purpose Sportsters, did you?

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Photo #1

Cycle World January 1966 magazine cover.

Photo #2

BSA magazine ad.

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BSA magazine ad.

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BSA magazine ad.

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Harley-Davidson magazine ad.