QUICK LOOK: Yamaha’s Electric Concepts

The PES2 and PED2 models revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show suggest that Yamaha is getting serious about electric motorcycles.

Yamaha says these two electric concepts, the PES2 and PED2, revealed recently at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, are designed to have "an operational feel that will seem natural, even to today's motorcycle enthusiasts." Hard to complain about that. What's more, the tuning fork company says these bikes are meant to inspire passion in rider, hence the letter P at the beginning of their names.

The PES2—a street-focused sport model powered by a DC brushless motor with a lithium-ion battery—is actually a two-wheel-drive motorcycle, thanks to an additional electric motor built into the hub of the front wheel.

While that’s a notable detail, an extra drive wheel would seem to make more sense on the PED2, which is a dual-sport model designed to explore mountain trails quietly, without disturbing nature. Like the PES2, the PED2 has a monocoque structure that carries a Yamaha Smart Power Module.

In performance, Yamahas says these new electric concepts are equivalent to Class II (50 to 125cc) mopeds and motorcycles. Of note, Yamaha says the PES2 weighs less than 130 kilos (286 lb.), whereas the PED2 tips the scales at less than 100 kilos (220 lb.)