VIDEO: Rossi vs. Marquez--The Vendetta!

This hilarious video is the perfect use of the internet.

The Rossi vs. Marquez Sepang clash has become a giant internet creature of its own, with every news outlet and pundit on digital earth shotgunning opinions and analyses in every direction. And hey, it’s serious business when two of the world’s greatest riders who have ever lived get into the equivalent of a two-wheel punch up on (and off) the track.

Finally, there is something to laugh about. Using footage from around the interwebs that shows Valentino Rossi at Colin Edwards' Texas Tornado Bootcamp and pieces of race footage, YouTuber Nico Jackson has posted the perfect video followup to the big controversy, complete with a variety of guns and spaghetti western soundtrack. We think Jackson might be a Rossi fan but whatever your allegiance, you can't fault the guy's creativity and sense of humor. Watch and enjoy before it gets taken down!