BMW Reveals Stunt G310 Concept Bike (Video)

BMW Stunt G310 Concept Bike Shot

BMW Motorrad Press Release:

It's loud in every sense of the word. The BMW Concept Stunt G310 is the latest from BMW Motorrad: a screaming one-cylinder stunt bike roadster cut from the same DNA as the S 1000 R.

BMW Motorrad Concept Stunt G310:

Impossible to ignore in every way, it announces itself with a characteristic, short exhaust pipe and a vibrant color scheme combining the white, red and blue of BMW Motorsport with the neon yellow and green of Brazil's national flag. Stunt mods take the place of unneeded mirrors, lights, passenger footrests or license plates. Developed with help from stunt riding icon Chris Pfeiffer, it's designed to turn the laws of physics upside down.

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