UPDATE: Cycle World Kawasaki Vulcan S 700cc Flat-Tracker

The “Black Hammer,” Cycle World’s freshly built flat-tracker, keeps turning heads and tasting success.

Kawasaki Vulcan S 700cc Flat-Tracker race action

A lot has happened since my last article on the new Kawasaki Vulcan S 700cc Flat Tracker I first raced at the Charlotte Half Mile on August 29. The Vulcan S, or the "Black Hammer" as I have nicknamed it, just had its one-month birthday. Over the course of that month, we have been very busy improving the bike and making it a contender in the AMA Pro Flat Track series.

The first task to improving the motorcycle was driving to Racing Unlimited in Fort Dodge, Iowa, and putting it on the dyno. We spent a couple hours fine-tuning the engine and the mapping the ECU. We gained about 10 horsepower from what we had at Charlotte. This put a smile on my face and was worth every bit of the 940-mile drive to the Midwest.

With help from some friends at Joe Gibbs Racing, I had an improved battery box made for the motorcycle. In addition the box, I also upgraded the battery itself by switching to a Shorai lithium-iron battery. These changes alone shaved about five pounds from the motorcycle since the initial build. We are still a little on the heavy side, but we will continue working hard and putting the “Black Hammer” on a diet to get it closer to the 310-lb. limit.

Kawasaki Vulcan S 700cc Flat-Tracker battery box

Aside from shaving weight off the motorcycle, we have been busy doing what we can to get my suspension dialed in. With any new motorcycle, it takes a little bit of tweaking to get the fork and shock to a find a comfortable setting. There have been a lot of phone calls to Durelle Racing, my suspension company of choice, over the past few weeks and we are very close to finding a base setting I am happy with.

I have raced the Vulcan Flat Tracker at three very diverse tracks since it first saw action at the Charlotte Half Mile in August.

First was the Springfield Mile. I was a little hesitant about our chances at this event because I felt I was essentially going to a gunfight with a knife. Most of the competitive motorcycles on these miles are 750cc or larger, and I wasn’t sure how our brand new Vulcan S 700cc would stack up. I ended up making a direct transfer out of my heat race and finishing a respectable 11th in the main event. We were the only 700cc in the main event and my best lap time was only one-tenth of a second slower than winner Bryan Smith.

Kawasaki Vulcan S 700cc Flat-Tracker static side view

After Springfield, we raced at Delmar, Delaware, a new venue close to home for me. Being successful on the small clay half-mile required smooth riding and good holeshots. The Black Hammer and I were starting to create a bond at this race as I won my first ever AMA Pro Flat Track heat race. I also had a career-best 7th-place finish in the main event.

In late September, there was a race that was very special for me—the Randy Texter Memorial AMA All-Star race at the York Fairgrounds Half Mile in Pennsylvania. This would be the first time the new bike would see a limestone racetrack. The limestone tracks differ from clay tracks in many ways. The biggest difference is you ride these types of tracks full throttle while being sideways most of the time as opposed to “two-wheeling” the motorcycle on clay tracks. I enjoy limestone tracks, but I don’t enjoy the beating the bikes take from getting pelted at 100 mph by the stones on the surface. One of my sponsors, ISC Racer’s Tape, sent me a bunch of duct tape, which we put to good use.

In addition to riding the Vulcan S at York, I also raced my Lancaster Honda CRF450 there. I improved all day long and walked away with the victory in both the Expert Singles and Expert Twins main events. It felt good, and I know my Dad is proud.

Cory Texter and Shayna Texter

With all of these races going on, the championship points battle has tightened. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out at the season finale November 20 in Las Vegas. Three riders have a mathematical chance at the title, but realistically it has again come down to Jared Mees versus Bryan Smith. Seven points separate the two as they prepare to line up at the Orleans Hotel and Casino 1/10th-mile indoor short track. Talk about stress. Good luck, boys.

As for me, I was bummed to hear about the cancellation of the Calistoga, California, Half Mile due to some bad wildfires in the area. I was looking forward to racing my twin at another track this season. However, sometimes there are more important things in life than racing, and I hope everyone who lost their homes can get the support they need to rebuild and get their lives back on track.

Cory Texter and his wife with the Kawasaki Vulcan S Flat-Tracker

The last month has been a very busy one for me, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I am blessed to have a great support system helping me reach my goals and a wife who puts up with me on a daily basis.

We have a great base with my program heading into the 2016 season. I really like our chances to shake up the championship next year but it will require a lot of hard work. There are still a lot of improvements we can make to the Vulcan S 700cc Flat Tracker and we just might build her a big sister, a Vulcan S 750cc Flat Tracker, here in the near future.

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