So much potential, sadly unfulfilled.

Here's Erik Buell's 1190SX on the Cycle World Dynojet dyno. This naked machine, a 2014 model powered by EBR's high-compression 1190cc V-twin, produces 153.8 horsepower at 10,510 rpm, which is backed by 84.6 pound-feet of torque at 8050 rpm. Brian Catterson, who rode the 1190SX last year (before EBR closed its doors), summed up EBR's streetfighter this way: "The 1190SX is raw and uncompromising, a true superbike for the real world. But one question remains: Is there any compelling reason to buy one when the award-winning KTM 1290 Super Duke R sells for the same price? It likely boils down to how 'different' is different enough for you. Or maybe you just want an American-made sportbike. One could argue that the EBR, with its international parts list, is more of a 'world bike,' but Harley-Davidsons use a bunch of foreign parts, too, and no one would dare call them un-American!"