ON THE RECORD: Cameron Beaubier

The 2015 MotoAmerica Superbike Champion talks about the past and the future.

It's really tough to prepare for a weekend like New Jersey. I came into the last three rounds with some nerves. Like at Laguna, I knew I'd been decent there on a 600, but I struggled in practice and qualifying and had a crash, then I won a race there. Then, going into Indy, Josh and I were tied on points, and I thought man this could be a good weekend for me, I just have to keep my head down and make the situation as good as possible for myself before heading into New Jersey.

Coming into the season I knew that I had a definite chance at winning the title. Every time I got on the bike I wanted to win and do the best I can. Obviously, I knew that the competition I was going up against was no joke. I mean Josh is a champion that has turned into a legend. He's won seven championships in the AMA, and that's no joke. I've only won two of these things so far and it's a lot of freakin' stress. I know that I'm quite a lot younger than him, but it was tough.

Hayes and I are buddies; it's pretty cool. Obviously, we want to beat each other more than anything and more than anyone else on the track, but it's pretty cool riding alongside that guy. He helps me out every now and then, and I hear the way he talks with his guys, and little stuff like that that I pick up on, and I see the way he rides the bike compared to how I rode the 600, and I've learned to adapt my riding style to the Superbike.

Racing the Yamaha in Germany was a really cool experience, but it was scary. The team was really cool, with really awesome people. There are three really, really good riders over there, real world-class guys that I raced against. It was tough, I crashed in the first race, but I was in second or third. Then, in the second race**, I took it easy and finished third because the track was pretty dangerous and I had this championship in the back of my head and didn't want to do anything stupid.** But I also had a chance to really bond with my boss Keith McCarty and Tom Halverson, which was awesome.

I really want to get over to Europe, and I think that a World Superbike ride with Yamaha would be the best way to go about that. I'd really like a chance to defend my title here, but whatever happens, happens. I really think that I could do some damage in World Superbike with a Yamaha. It's just tough to say right now. I know those guys really well, and I know how good this new R1 is. So time will tell.

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2015 MotoAmerica Superbike Champion Cameron Beaubier.Brian J. Nelson

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Cameron Beaubier action.Brian J. Nelson

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Cameron Beaubier and Josh Hayes race action.Brian J. Nelson

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Josh Hayes and Cameron Beaubier race action.Brian J. Nelson