MV Agusta F3 AMG Concept Review

From the Frankfurt Motor Show: An F3 800 touched by the AMG wand

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MV Agusta F3 AMG ConceptCourtesy of MV Agusta

In my recent story on the new Ducati Monster 1200R, I told you that the Frankfurt Motor Show is a big deal for the German motor industry, a perfect opportunity to fuel old feuds and set new ones on fire. While Audi got most of the attention with the new Monster 1200R, Mercedes-Benz AMG hasn't been sitting around twiddling its thumbs. It took the opportunity at Frankfurt to unveil a new concept bike, the MV Agusta F3 AMG.

The bike is a standard MV Agusta F3 800 in its stock 148-horspower form, one of the hottest middleweight sportbikes. But the new graphics, as well as the detail finishing and accessories, are way above the standard production version. The black and gold paint, with accents in similar colors, nicely associates this MV Agusta with the potent AMG GTS sports car.

Besides highlighting the tight relationship between AMG and MV Agusta, the F3 AMG has been built to gauge the response of the public. Thus far, reaction has been enthusiastic. The Australian importer who was there at Frankfurt was elated, and he said he was ready to pay for a full container. If the MV Agusta F3 wins the 2015 Supersport title, I, without hesitation, see that boosting the new F3 AMG into production.

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MV Agusta F3 AMG ConceptCourtesy of MV Agusta

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MV Agusta F3 AMG ConceptCourtesy of MV Agusta