Exciting new TV special follows the quest for the world's first motorcycle triple backflip.

"I've been trying to do the triple backflip for probably six years now," says Travis Pastrana, the most famous freestyle motocrosser of all time. But Josh Sheehan was the first rider to pull it off, in April of this year. And this Saturday, September 12, at 11:30 pm EST, NBC Sports Network (right after NASCAR) will broadcast a 90-minute TV special that follows not just the history of the backflip, but also Sheehan's journey and the extreme dedication that he and other riders such as Pastrana possess. Are they crazy? Yeah, but maybe they were born without the fear gene. Are they passionate about their showmanship? Most definitely; they really are modern-day Evel Knievels. Remember, "Nitro Circus: Road to the Unthinkable” airs (punintended) this Saturday, so set your DVRs now!