JUSTICE SERVED: The Motorcycle Emoji is Almost Here

A small step for IOS releases, a giant leap for motorcycle-kind.

A great wrong in the world has finally been righted—at least if you’re an Apple device user. For emoji-loving, motorcycle-riding, iPhone and iPad users, the days of having to resort to combining the bicycle-rider emoji with the wind symbol (which, let’s be real, ends up looking a lot more like gastrointestinal problems than speed) are almost over: The next IOS release (9.1, coming September 16) contains an actual motorcycle emoji.

Harley, street bike, motocross, and adventure riders may be slightly put out, since the emoji in question is undeniably a sparkling little café racer (bearing a delightful resemblance to a Shinya Kimura). But for those too chafed to agree that this is a proud, proud day for motorcycling, there's always the new taco emoji.