Motorcycle Industry Council Buys AIMExpo

America’s big motorcycle and powersports show has been purchased by the MIC.

AIMExpo event building

The Motorcycle Industry Council (the motorcycle industry’s trade association) has purchased the Motorcycle Group business segment of Marketplace Events LLC, which includes the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo), the leading motorcycle and powersports show in the US. AIMExpo show personnel, sales staff and management, including AIMExpo Show Director Cinnamon Kernes and AIMExpo show creators Mike Webster and Larry Little, will form a new department within MIC titled “MIC Events.” The entire AIMExpo management and staff is joining MIC, and the 2015 AIMExpo will proceed as planned in Orlando, Florida on October 15-18.

“AIMExpo’s early success has been the ability to prove an innovative concept that has delivered for exhibitors and attendees beyond what was envisioned when we conceived the concept just three years ago,” said AIMExpo co-creators Webster and Little. “We recognized the opportunity to take it to another level of industry value and excellence with the blue-ribbon reputation and capabilities of the MIC, and the power of its membership, management, and services to get us there. We presented our recommendation to Marketplace Events LLC management and they agreed.”

AIMExpo show floor


Tom Baugh: Marketplace Events CEO: "In 2012, Marketplace Events made the commitment—under the leadership of Mike Webster—to launch AIMExpo with the explicit goal of changing and re-energizing the powersports business, and our AIMExpo team has been intensely focused and true to that promise. In less than three years, the AIMExpo platform has become the most important annual gathering for the industry. We're very proud MPE successfully incubated AIMExpo, but we recognize the event will reach its full potential and greatest benefit to the industry under MIC ownership."

Dennis McNeal, MIC Chairman and Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A.'s Vice President of Motorcycle Operations: "MIC's primary goal is to ensure the show's ongoing growth and success, and that requires not only a depth of trade-show experience, but broad experience in our industry. Mike Webster, Larry Little, Cinnamon Kernes and the entire AIMExpo team have that kind of experience, and the MIC board of directors, by unanimous vote, is excited to have them join the staff of the MIC."

MIC logo
AIMExpo logo

Larry Little, AIMExpo co-creator: "The concept of MIC owning AIMExpo is actually quite common in the association world where many trade shows are owned or operated by their industry trade associations. This strategic configuration makes it much easier to build on existing industry synergies, align the industry's key stakeholders, and connect manufacturers and distributors of products and services in a valued face-to-face environment with retailers and consumers who have the greatest interest in their offerings."

Cinammon Kernes: AIMExpo Show Director: "Overall plans for the 2015 show absolutely remain business as usual. For exhibitors, dealers, media, and consumers it's absolutely business as usual and no additional actions on their part are required. Our focus is sharper than ever, and the team is committed to producing the industry's best show experience once again this year. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to Orlando in October!"

Andrew Leisner, MIC Director and Vice President, Group Publisher, Bonnier Motorcycle Group: "An MIC-owned show will attract new industry members, ignite expanded interest from media outlets, and provide an opportunity for non-riders to explore the thrilling world of motorcycling."