Moto Guzzi Griso - BEST USED BIKES

Crafted with a good dose of Italian flair

Moto Guzzi Griso studio side view

YEARS SOLD: 2006–present

MSRP NEW: $13,490 ('06) to $12,990 ('15)

BLUE BOOK RETAIL VALUE: $5,280 ('06) to $11,440 ('15)

BASIC SPECS: An air-/oil-cooled, 1,064cc, longitudinally mounted, 90-degree V-twin powering the early Griso saw significant performance upgrades in 2009 with the introduction of the Griso 1200 8V and the current eight-valve 1,151cc engine. A centrally located chain-driven camshaft operates the valves via pushrods, while twin throttle bodies and Weber-Marelli electronic fuel injection meters air and fuel. The frame has 50mm tubular steel spars running from the steering head to the swingarm pivot plates, with the engine serving as a stressed member. The shaft drive features a proprietary full-floating crown-and-pinion unit that eliminates chassis jacking typical of shaft drive.

WHY IT'S DESIRABLE: As Guzzi's sport-naked, the Griso is crafted with a good dose of Italian flair. The engine produces robust torque in a throbbing way that is uniquely soothing to the senses. When the pace heats up, its sporting suspension, tires, and brakes allow full exploitation of the chassis and its excellent cornering clearance. On the highway, a rangy 60.9-inch wheelbase equates to a steadfast ride, one that's complemented by one of the most comfortable saddles on the road today. The Griso magically bridges the gap between sportbike and relaxed cruiser. If unique character drives your two-wheel passion, the Griso delivers. In spades.

THE COMPETITION: Ducati's Monster and Triumph's Speed Triple served as inspiration for the Griso. While the sport-naked category has seen a steady influx of high-tech models from several manufacturers, the Griso offers a refreshing nod to tradition.