MY MOTORHOME: Andrea Iannone Interview

The Ducati MotoGP rider invites us into his motorhome for a chat.

Andrea Iannone sitting in his motorhome

Andrea Iannone, 26, joined the Ducati factory MotoGP team this year after two seasons with the Pramac satellite team. Although most eyes were more on Andrea Dovizioso, his more experienced teammate, Iannone surprised us all with a well deserved podium finish at Qatar. Iannone then shone at Mugello, where he claimed the pole position and a superb second-place spot in the Jorge Lorenzo-Valentino Rossi panini.

Shy but kind and always friendly, Iannone opened the doors of his motorhome, the “five-star hotel” where he sleeps during the race weekend.

Kenny Roberts was the first to launch this trend in Europe back in 1978. From that moment, it was a race amongst the riders to have the biggest and most sophisticated motorhome. Nowadays, two motorhomes shine in the MotoGP paddock: "Casaquarantasei," (House 46, Valentino Rossi's headquarters), and the twin facility that belongs to Iannone. In its 85 square meters, there are two bedrooms (with bathrooms) and a central living room equipped with a huge TV, an excellent sound system, a Sony Playstation, and all that's necessary to spend long days at the track.

Comfortably seated on the leather futon in the living room, we chat.

Andrea Iannone folding clothes in his motorhome

CW: Is this the most beautiful gift you’ve given to yourself?

Andrea Iannone: "No. Maybe my warehouse. It's 1,500 square meters that feature the offices, a fitness center and a garage with my cars (a Lamborghini, an Audi RS6 and an Audi S8)."

CW: How would you describe yourself?

AI: "Friendly and smart. Despite what many people think of me, I like a lot to have fun. But first of all I am 100 percent committed to reach my goals."

CW: Where does your nickname “The Maniac Joe” come from?

AI: "I'm a maniac of order and tidiness off and on track. In general, when I do something, I always try to do it in the best possible way."

CW: Factory rider and fourth in the championship. What does this mean to you?

AI: "I have always dreamt of being a factory rider, and I'm happy as we are facing the championship in a positive way. But, like every rider, we aim at being at the top. As long as we haven't reached this target, I cannot say I'm satisfied. I have worked hard to arrive where I am and I keep on doing it."

Andrea Iannone Mugello pole position

CW: Did you expect this result before the start of the season?

AI: "I have always believed in my skills. We have a machine which is competitive enough to be fast as we have been so far. Personally, I don't think these results exceed my expectations. Of course, I have gained experience and I have improved a lot during this season especially in terms of consistency. Since the start of the championship, I have been consistent, and this allowed me to be in this position in the world standing."

CW: What is the GP15 missing?

AI: "It's still a young project, and I like to say that the only thing that is missing is the time! The team keeps on working."

CW: How is Andrea Dovizioso as a teammate?

AI: "I'm happy to have Andrea as teammate. He is very strong. I have to give my 100 percent to beat him and this is an extra motivation. We have two different personalities, but we are two strong and complete riders."

CW: Valentino was your hero when you were a kid. How is to fight with him on track?

AI: "I have a very good relationship with Valentino and his staff, and when I can train at the Ranch. Valentino was the reference when I was a kid. When we are on track now, there is respect. But we are all rivals."

Andrea Iannone race action from Brno

CW: “Who do you see as the favorite to win the MotoGP title?

AI: "It's difficult to say. Valentino is very strong and determined, but Jorge Lorenzo is too. It will be a hard battle. Then it's me!!! I hope we will make a big step forward to make my dream come true. It will be difficult this year, but we will keep on working. In the Rossi-Lorenzo battle, we will see…Valentino is in really good shape."

CW: In your biography, you write “I get up late. I eat late. I go to bed late. Then I train. My motto is: “Dare. Always dare.” Tell us about your typical day at home in Vasto.

AI: "I am unpredictable and I don't have a fixed routine. The week after the GP, I usually wake up around 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. and I have breakfast. Then I go to the office where a staff of 10-15 people works for me, taking care of all my business (besides racing, we have a bar, a restaurant, and many other things). I have lunch, a coffee with my friends and my dad, and then I train in the afternoon. Sometimes I train also in the morning, this depends from the training program. I like to go out with friends and have fun, but I'm serious and professional when work is involved."

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Andrea Iannone at a press conference.Milagro

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Andrea Iannone in his motorhome.Milagro

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Andrea Iannone in his motorhome.Milagro

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Andrea Iannone in his motorhome.Milagro

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