THE MotoGP QUESTION: If You Weren’t a MotoGP Rider…

…what would you be? We asked eight top MotoGP riders that same question.

Valentino Rossi race action

Valentino Rossi: "Honestly, I don't know. But for sure I would have been a sportsman because I don't like the idea of serious work."

Jorge Lorenzo standing near the race paddock

Jorge Lorenzo: "If I wasn't racing motorcycles, I guess I would just be a normal person. Maybe I would work in design. I love design. Or maybe I would be a sportsman, a footballer, even though I'm not so talented!"

Marc Marquez sitting in the paddock

Marc Marquez: "I would be a mechanic. I always wanted to be a mechanic."

Nicky Hayden headshot

Nicky Hayden: "It is tough to say. I never really thought about what else I would be doing. I have always raced motorcycles. I never really had any other love except bikes. As a kid, I played a little bit of basketball. I did a few things, but I never had the same passion. Honestly, I would probably be lost."

Andrea Dovizioso with his racebike

Andrea Dovizioso: "I don't know. Another sport, maybe football . I was actually very good at playing football when I was a kid, but when it came the time to choose between football and motorcycles, I had no doubt. Racing motorcycles has always been my passion and I focused on that."

Scott Redding headshot

Scott Redding: "Good question. I'm not really sure, but I think I would probably be involved with another sport."

Bradley Smith sitting in the paddock

Bradley Smith: "I would like to be a sports scientist. I am very intrigued by the human body and I am fascinated by what the body is able to do. I would love to study how to make the human body perform better. I would love working closely with sport, probably not MotoGP, but some sports, trying to improve my athletes."

Pol Espargaro standing with his racebike

Pol Espargaro: "I would have probably been a veterinarian. I love animals."






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