Bimota Update

An email from struggling Bimota helps clarify the company’s current state.

Marco Chiacianesi and Daniele Longoni

Bimota boss Daniele Longoni got back to me by email today. In two separate emails, he confirmed that Bimota is stirring a lot of interest from various groups. But at this stage, he says there have been no negotiations that might imply the sale of all Bimota stock, or part of it. No mention was made about the rumors regarding the acquisition of the whole company either by himself or by his partner Mario Chiancianesi.

In my emailed reply, I tried to get a clearer understanding of what "a lot of interest from various groups" meant. Also, did this imply that Bimota indeed was on the market somehow, but without an official offer? Longoni's reply was sharp. He said he never intended to put Bimota stock on the market. What's more, the interests he referred to were generated by Bimota's positive sales results. He also stated that Bimota will unveil some new bikes at the EICMA show in November.

No sales figures were confirmed. I took note of Daniele’s statements, but I still hope for a meeting with him. While searching for factual information about Bimota (not the ever-persistent rumors), I learned something new: Pierluigi Marconi, who started his engineering career at Bimota after he graduated in Mechanical Engineering with his Tesi thesis, is back at Bimota as Technical Manager. And he’s hard at work building the bikes for EICMA.

Stay tuned, more to come.

Marco Chiacianesi and Daniele Longoni.

Bimota BB3.

Pierluigi Marconi.