1972 Monark 125 MX static side view

Monark, a Swedish bicycle maker from the early 1900s, started making motorcycles in the late 1940s and eventually won the 500cc World Motocross championship in 1959 with Sten Lundin. In 1970, the company introduced its first 125cc moto-crosser, the 125 MX. It's beautiful in its Scandinavian simplicity, which is enhanced by colors reminiscent of the Swedish flag. The frame is chrome-moly steel, the suspension is from Ceriani, and the rims are classic Akronts. With its Sachs engine, the Monark is a bit like a Swedish Penton. Fun fact: In July of 1973, Ray Lopez won the first-ever 125cc National on a Penton, and he was followed across the line by a young pre-Honda Marty Smith on a Monark. The race was held at Arroyo Cycle Park in San Bernardino, California. Don't recognize the name? That's because it's now called Glen Helen Raceway, which is where the final race of the 2015 MXGP series takes place on September 20. See you there!