ShockStrap Tie-Downs

ShockStrap Motorcycle Tie-Downs Product Shot

ShockStrap Press Release:

ShockStraps are a unique shock absorbing tie down that incorporates three of the most versatile tie down principals into one superior system. It is quick and easy like a motorcycle tie down, has the reliability of a ratchet system and versatility of a shock cord.


We incorporate a ShockStrap that when stretched maintains tension on the webbing, locking it into the buckle. When road vibrations cause loads to shift and settle, other tie downs can loosen and become unsafe. Under these conditions, our ShockStrap stretches acting like a shock absorber and contracts with the load keeping it secure.

New ShockStrap design 8-6-15


- Dependable – ShockStraps provides superior shock absorption without coming loose

- Durable – The ShockStrap is made from our own formula and is not affected by most chemicals, sunlight, oil, salt water, fungus and moisture

- Rust Resistant – Hooks and buckle are yellow zinc coated, which lasts 8 to 10 times longer than powder coated metal

- Wider Hook Opening – Hooks have wider opening to allow for more connection options

- Shock Absorber Qualities - You never have to worry about checking your tie downs every 30-60 miles you travel like other tie downs.

MSRP: $21.99

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