Read Up on Motorcycle Riding

Tip #77 from the pages of The Total Motorcycling Manual

motorcycle on the road

Crack open one of these books and enjoy writings and reflections on riding, racing and track culture, biker lifestyle, understanding your bike, and much more.

Hell's Angels
Hunter S. Thompson, 1966
The original Gonzo journalist spent a year with America's most famous outlaw biker gang.

Paul Sample, 1970s to present
British cartoonist Sample documents the adventures of Ogri, a scruffy biker with a heart of gold.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Robert Pirsig, 1974
Part philosophical musings, part road diary, all 1970s groovy.

Jupiter's Travels
Ted Simon, 1979
The story of an epic four-year journey around the world by bike.

A Twist of the Wrist
Keith Code, 1983
This book may be 30 years old, but the basic riding hints still hold true.

Bikes of Burden
Hans Kemp, 2005
Dutch photographer Kemp shoots beautiful photos of the developing world's working bikes.

Moto Mania
Holger Aue, 2012
These German-language comics are widely beloved for their tales of a group of wacky bikers.

MotoGP, annual
The annual grand prix and Superbike yearbook is packed with amazing photos and insider facts.