2016 Can-Am F3-S Spyder Special Series Triple Black - FIRST LOOK

Newest three-wheel Spyder gets a black on black on black look. Aggressive, you might say.

2016 Spyder F3-S Special Series studio 3/4 view

Sturgis, South Dakota—Smoking its way out of a big black box, Can-Am introduced the Special Series Triple Black version of its F3-S performance Spyder at Sturgis, surprisingly unveiling the right product at the right place. Yes, it's not a motorcycle, but it just might be that three-wheeled things are taking over the world; at Sturgis you had to be blind not to notice this.

The Can-Am F3-S Spyder Special Series Triple Black is a new version of the F3-S that was introduced for the 2015 model year, bringing evil graphics to this aggressive machine. Though Can-Am keeps saying that the F3-S has a low “cruiser” profile, its performance says that it has a low, sporting stance. The low center of gravity of the F3-S makes it ripping fun to ride hard. Anyway, the black on black on black aesthetic gives it an even more aggressive look, and provides nice contrast to the white smoke that comes from lighting up the rear tire all the way through first gear. (The brakes are linked so burnouts aren’t possible. Damn.)

Two things to think about if you haven’t ridden one of these things: The F3-S has a 1,330cc engine and goes like hell, and you don’t drive an F3-S, you ride it. Getting the most out of this machine is an interactive experience that takes effort, and it gives back what you put into it. It’s available in September, only with the SE6 transmission. Pricing to be announced. Oh, it also has a kick-ass stability control system that keeps the wheels on the ground. Don’t be scared.

2016 Spyder F3-S Special Series at Sturgis

Studio 3/4 view.

Studio 3/4 view.

Sturgis introduction #1

Sturgis introduction #2

Sturgis introduction #3