Endurance: Round #3 Honda Qualifying Report - Suzuka 8 Hours

Honda Endurance Racing CBR Race Action Shot

Honda Racing Press Release:

The Honda Endurance Racing team will start Sunday's 38th "Coca-Cola Zero" Suzuka 8 Hours from 20th position after today's qualifying sessions at the 5.821km Honda-owned Suzuka circuit in Japan.

Honda's endurance specialists Julien Da Costa, Freddy Foray and Sebastien Gimbert are taking part in the second Endurance World Championship round in which the squad's main objective will be to score as many important championship points as possible on board the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP.

With 70 teams competing at the 2015 Suzuka 8 Hours, the teams were separated in two groups and each rider had two qualifying sessions. The Honda Endurance Racing team finished tenth within B Group.

With a 2’10.342 best lap performed by Gimbert around the legendary Suzuka circuit, the Honda Endurance Racing team will start Sunday’s 8-hour race from 20th position. The Suzuka 8 Hours will start at 11:30 Japanese Standard Time (GMT+9) on Sunday 26 July.

Neil Tuxworth:

We had no problems in qualifying which is a good thing. Freddy had a small crash but that’s not a serious issue for us because we had no problems with the machine and reliability is what we wanted to achieve. Generally the three riders have a very good race pace, we know we are very quick in the pits, we know what our fuel strategy will be and now we’re just looking forward to the race. I’m confident we can be in the top ten and even possibly in the top six if we don’t have any issue during our race.

Julien Da Costa:

We are in the same pace as the permanent teams – one of the things that we are sure of is that we have a very good race pace – but of course we would have liked to do a better qualifying as we are competitors. Personally I am quite satisfied, I would have like to be a bit faster but still I am confident for the race.

Sébastien Gimbert:

We have a good rhythm on the CBR, we also have a lot of experience in the field of endurance, we have a great strategy and there is consistency between all the three riders within the team – we are all in the same lap times and this is what will make us stronger. We still have a lot of work to do tomorrow before the race on Sunday, but I am happy with what we achieved today. I was satisfied with my lap times, the team worked well, the Dunlop tires are good and my team-mates were in a good pace as well.

Freddy Foray:

Today was not so good for me as I crashed out, but we worked a lot, we will still work hard tomorrow in order to try to get a better feeling at the front. I hope that it will help me to get my confidence back… Tomorrow is another day!

Qualifying Results - Results

1  Team Green    2'06.656    TEAM GREEN    KAWASAKI    Team Green


3  Yamaha Factory Racing Team    2'06.877    YAMAHA FAC    YAMAHA    Yamaha Factory Racing Team

** 4   F.C.C. TSR Honda    2'07.798    JPN    HONDA    F.C.C. TSR Honda**

** 5  MuSashi RT HARC-PRO    2'06.963    JPN    HONDA    MuSashi RT HARC-PRO**

** 6  Honda DREAM RT SAKURAI    2'08.693    HONDA DREA    HONDA    Honda DREAM RT SAKURAI**

7  Team KAGAYAMA    2'07.594    TEAM KAGAY    SUZUKI    Team KAGAYAMA


** 9  TOHO Racing with MORIWAKI    2'07.622    TOHO RACIN    HONDA    TOHO Racing with MORIWAKI**

10 MotoMap SUPPLY    2'09.215    JPN    SUZUKI    MotoMap SUPPLY

11 Monster Energy Yamaha-YART    2'08.973    FRA    YAMAHA    Monster Energy Yamaha-YART

** 12 Au & Teluru Kohara RT    2'09.278    JPN    HONDA    Au & Teluru Kohara RT**

** 13 Satu HATI Honda Team Asia    2'09.432    SATU HATI    HONDA    Satu HATI Honda Team Asia**

14 BMW MOTORRAD France TEAM PENZ13    2'09.325    NA    BMW    BMW MOTORRAD France TEAM PENZ13

** 15 Honda Suzuka Racing Team    2'09.432    HONDA SUZU    HONDA    Honda Suzuka Racing Team**

16 GMT94 Yamaha    2'09.871    NA    YAMAHA    GMT94 Yamaha

17 SRC Kawasaki    2'09.556    FRA    KAWASAKI    SRC Kawasaki

18 Suzuki Endurance Racing Team    2'10.222    FRA    SUZUKI    Suzuki Endurance Racing Team

19 CONFIA Flex Motorrad39    2'10.169    JPN    BMW    CONFIA Flex Motorrad39

** 20 Honda Endurance Racing CBR    2'10.342    GBR    HONDA    Honda Endurance Racing EWC**

21 Team Bolliger Switzerland    2'12.099    NA    KAWASAKI    Team Bolliger Switzerland

22 Team Tenmei Sakura Project    2'10.971    JPN    KAWASAKI    Team Tenmei Sakura Project

23 Team Tras 135HP    2'12.548    TEAM TRAS    BMW    Team Tras 135HP

** 24 Honda Kumamoto Racing    2'11.512    HONDA KUMA    HONDA    Honda Kumamoto Racing**

25 Team Hashimotogumi    2'12.845    TEAM HASHI    SUZUKI    Team Hashimotogumi

26 Y's distraction Racing    2'11.833    JPN    HONDA    Y's distraction Racing

27 HLO Racing with RANGER & Garage36    2'13.001    JPN    SUZUKI    HLO Racing with RANGER & Garage36

** 28 Team Honda Technical College    2'13.351    JPN    HONDA    Team Honda Technical College**

29 Team April Moto/Motors Events    2'13.173    NA    SUZUKI    Team April Moto/Motors Events

30 TEAM HOOTERS KTM with Syota SAITO    2'13.558    TEAM HOOTE    KTM    TEAM HOOTERS KTM with Syota SAITO

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8, h, Suzuka, 2015, Ambiance
8 H DE SUZUKA 2015
8, h, Suzuka, 2015, Ambiance
8 H DE SUZUKA 2015
8, h, Suzuka, 2015, Team,Honda,Racing
8 H DE SUZUKA 2015