VIDEO: Trouble on the Mountain

Project 156 hits a hurdle when our Road Test Editor Don Canet crashes during testing at Pikes Peak.

Project 156, our Pikes Peak Hill Climb effort done in conjunction with Victory Motorcycles and Roland Sands Design, suffered a setback last Saturday when Road Test Editor Don Canet crashed the prototype Victory during a test on the mountain. Canet didn’t suffer any serious injuries, but the bike, which slid backward into the end of an Armco barrier just past Elk Park, was damaged enough to require a complete strip-down and frame straightening. “We have been making significant progress on the engine tune of the motorcycle each time it went out, and were able to start focusing on the handling aspects of the bike,” lamented Canet, who said he lost the front end under braking on the cold asphalt. Even with this setback, Project 156, thanks to the efforts of many, will be ready to tackle this classic American race on June 28.