MotoGP: Aspar Team - Nicky Hayden Interview Series (Video)

Nicky Hayden race action shot

Aspar Team Press Release:

Pull&Bear is the official sponsor of the motorbike racing Aspar Team. Nicky Hayden, the squad's best-known rider, is portrayed in this peculiar interview mini-series. In this second video he talks about his expectations for the racing season.

NICKY MEETS NICKY - Vol I. Nicky and Social Networks:

NICKY MEETS NICKY - Vol II. Nicky and Motorbikes:

NICKY MEETS NICKY - Vol III. Nicky and His Free Time:

NICKY MEETS NICKY - Vol IV. Nicky and Pull&Bear:

The interviews, filmed in Los Angeles and directed by Adam Nelson, showcase an innovative interview format whereby it is the very Nicky Hayden who interviews himself. The racer talks about his expectations for the new season, starting on 29 March in Qatar, but also about other more private issues such as his habits when it comes to traveling, dressing up or interacting with fans via social networks.

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