SW-MOTECH Airhawk Traveller Cushions

SW-MOTECH Airhawk Traveller Cushion Image Shot

SW-MOTECH Press Release:

By employing the AIRHAWK® technologies Shape Fitting® and DRY FLOATATION® the TRAVELLER cushions offer relief for back and tailbone while riding. At the same time the cushion’s comfortable vibration dampening air cells support a consistent blood circulation and reduce painful pressure points as well as body heat and sweating.

The seat surface is made from durable synthetic leather, fastening the broad and highly flexible retaining strip below the seat provides precise positioning and gives additional theft protection.

TRAVELLER ECO recommends itself as the product of choice for cost-aware buyers, while the premium seat TRAVELLER PRO is targeted at drivers shopping for quality. Its neoprene inlay offers improved vibration dampening and elasticity as well as best longevity.



- Relief for back and tailbone

- Helps to reduce painful pressure points

- Consistent blood circulation and reduced sweating

- Inner cushion: Neoprene (TRAVELLER PRO) / polyurethane (TRAVELLER ECO)

- Dimensions: 28 x 30 cm (TRAVELLER PRO) / 28 x 23 cm (TRAVELLER ECO)

- Suitable for nearly any motorcycle model and seating position

- Surface made from flexible stretch material and synthetic leather

- Durable retaining strap

- Non-slip bottom

- Waterproof inlay


- TRAVELLER PRO: $259.00

- TRAVELLER ECO: $225.00

For more information: www.sw-motech.com