Bonnier Motorcycle Group Launches TV Campaign

Bonnier Motorcycle Group Press Release:

The Bonnier Motorcycle Group is pleased to announce a new national television commercial, which made its debut this week on Discovery Network’s Velocity TV. The new 30-second spot titled “It's Your Turn” features a young female rider as she embarks on an exciting journey to becoming a motorcyclist.

“We are very happy to launch this new campaign and to be working in partnership with Velocity TV,” said Tim Collins, Marketing Director for the Bonnier Motorcycle Group. “In lieu of a more traditional message that promoted our premium motorcycle brands, we chose to tell a story about the joy of motorcycling. This commercial is an effort to try to get more people interested in motorcycling and to try and help grow the sport.”

“It’s Your Turn” was shot entirely on location in Southern California and stars Motorcyclist magazine Associate Editor Zack Courts, along with actress, model, Crossfit and kick boxing trainer, and motorcycle rider Becka Adams. Look for the new TV commercial running on Velocity TV.

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