CW 25 Years Ago: January, 1990


Dominating the cover of this issue was the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, a newsworthy bike at the time to be sure, but the little inset of the 1990 Suzuki GSXR750 is what caught my attention. I used to have the Suzuki ad for this very model pinned to my bulletin board, and it gave me motivation to finish my college assignments so that I could one day own one. Somewhere along the way I became obsessed with Yamaha FZRs and R6s and never actually bought that Gixxer...but it was my gateway into sportbikes.

In the Roundup section, two bikes from the Tokyo Motor Show jumped of the page, Honda's NR750 oval-piston show bike (that eventually saw very limited production) and Yamaha's Morpho concept with provisions for seat, bar, and footpeg adjustments to optimize ergonomics, like with many current models.

Another gem inside was a riding impression of Bimota’s Tesi. Having ridden two later generation versions of the Tesi (2D and 3D), I found it fascinating to read how this early hub-steered prototype functioned. Not surprisingly, 25 years later the telescopic fork still reigns supreme.

In Race Watch, former Managing Editor Ron Lawson realized his dream of not only competing in the ISDE but also earning a silver medal in the process. I bet he's still polishing it to this day.

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