Dakar: HRC Race Report Stage #5 - Antofagasta

2015 HRC Rally Team Dakar race action shot

Honda Racing Corporation Press Release:

Joan Barreda accomplishes the mission of fending off challengers in the fifth stage of the Rally Dakar 2015. The Spaniard aboard the Honda CRF450 RALLY keeps his distance from his closest rival, as fellow Team HRC members also remain among the front-runners.

The caravan continued to snake its way across the South American continent, leaving Copiapó behind, with destination Antofagasta on the Pacific coast, as a hazardous, rapid-paced stage full of broken up track and fesh-fesh, sped its way across the Atacama desert.

It was Joan Barreda, as yesterday’s stage winner, who set off from the front this morning with a clear objective of consolidating his overall lead and minimizing risks. He was eventually reached by Marc Coma, as the two continued their now habitual duel, finishing the stage together.

Team HRC riders Paulo Gonçalves, Hélder Rodrigues and Jeremías Israel all experienced various types of setbacks over the 458 km distance today, but were nevertheless all able to improve on their overall standings.

The day’s fourth position for Paulo helps solidify his third overall spot, with both Hélder and Jeremías finishing tucked in behind this year’s world championship runner-up.

A prudent Laia Sanz continues to keep up recent form, finishing 21st on the day, and retaking 17th on the overall leaderboard.

The three Honda South America Rally Team riders, Javier Pizzolito, Daniel Gouet and Jean Azevedo, likewise, put in consistent performances among the front-runners. The Argentine rider was once again the best of the bunch, reliably up in the first fifteen of the stage, and 13th overall. In the general standings Gouet lies highest in 21st.

Dakar Rally Stage #6 Route Shot


STAGE 6 – Friday, 9th January

Antofagasta (CHI) – Iquique (CHI)

Liaison: 369 km

Special stage: 319 km

A celebration in Iquique:

The route will then climb up the Pacific coast towards Iquique. The motorcycles will cover a few extra kilometers as part of the special stage: a detour will take them into endurance-type terrain and onto mountain ridges with views over the sea. All the competitors will then explore the dunes which run alongside and dominate the coastline. But they won’t arrive at the bivouac via the famous descent. For the first time, the half-way point in the race will be marked on a podium in the centre of Iquique. The encounter between riders and their fans will be emotional, following the earthquake which affected the region at the start of the year.

Joan Barreda - 2nd +2'16:

I led off today until Marc caught up with me. He kept up a cracking pace and I tried to stay as close to him as possible. After the refueling he really pushed hard. There was a lot of navigation in this very fast stage, as well as a lot of fesh-fesh and stones. The final part was pretty dangerous. I’m happy to be still out in front. We are taking it step by step.

Paulo Goncalves - 5th +4'37:

Today was quite a hard and complicated stage full of stones, fesh-fesh, and holes everywhere. I started out from 12th position, and there was a lot of dust, and I had to be careful, which made me lose a bit of time up until kilometer 100. In the final part, I had a little difficulty finding one of the waypoints and dropped some time. Tomorrow’s starting position is good and I hope to keep up the concentration without making too many mistakes.

Results Stage 5:

1 COMA Marc         SPA     KTM Red Bull Rally Factory     KTM     4:38'16

** 2 BARREDA Joan         SPA     Team HRC     Honda     + 2'16**

3 QUINTANILLA Pablo         CHI     KTM     KTM     + 2'40

4 SVITKO Stefan         SLO     Slovnaft Team     KTM     + 3'54

5 GONCALVES Paulo         POR     Team HRC     Honda     + 4'37

** 6 RODRIGUES Helder         POR     Team HRC     Honda     + 6'35**

** 7 ISRAEL Jeremias         CHI     Team HRC     Honda     + 7'10**

8 WALKNER Mathias         AUT     KTM Red Bull Rally Factory     KTM     + 7'24

9 DUCLOS Alain         FRA     Sherco Rally Factory     Sherco     + 9'57

10 PRICE Toby         AUS     KTM AUS Rally Factory     KTM     + 10'05

11 VILADOMS Jordi         SPA     KTM Red Bull Rally Factory     KTM     + 13'48

12 PEDRERO Joan         SPA     Pont Grup Yamaha JVO     Yamaha     + 14'25

** 13 PIZZOLITO Javier         ARG     Honda South America Rally Team     Honda     + 16'49**

14 JAKES Ivan         SLO     Microstep Industry Team     KTM     + 16'55

15 FARIA Ruben         POR     KTM Red Bull Rally Factory     KTM     + 17'24

16 CASTEU David         FRA     Team Casteu     KTM     + 17'47

17 VAN NIEKERK Riaan         RSA     Brother Link KTM Rally     KTM     + 22'52

18 BOTTURI Alessandro         ITA     Yamaha Racing     Yamaha     + 23'31

** 19 SANZ Laia         SPA     Team HRC     Honda     + 26'46**

20 METGE Mickael         FRA     Yamaha Racing     Yamaha     + 29'04

** 21 GOUET Daniel         CHI     Honda South America Rally Team     Honda     + 31'59**

22 CABRERA Patricio         CHI     Kawasaki Chile Team     Kawasaki     + 32'40

23 GYENES Emanuel         ROU     Autonet Motorcycle Team     KTM     + 35'07

24 PAIN Olivier         FRA     Yamaha Racing     Yamaha     + 35'14

25 VOGELS Hans         NDL     Team Hans Vogels     KTM     + 35'29

37 AZEVEDO Jean         BRA     Honda South America Rally Team     Honda     + 51'31

Provisional Standings after Stage 5:

1 BARREDA Joan         SPA     Team HRC     Honda     17:51'05

2 COMA Marc         SPA     KTM Red Bull Rally Factory     KTM     + 10'33

** 3 GONCALVES Paulo         POR     Team HRC     Honda     + 22'50**

4 QUINTANILLA Pablo         CHI     KTM     KTM     + 31'06

5 VILADOMS Jordi         SPA     KTM Red Bull Rally Factory     KTM     + 36'23

6 FARIA Ruben         POR     KTM Red Bull Rally Factory     KTM     + 38'13

7 WALKNER Mathias         AUT     KTM Red Bull Rally Factory     KTM     + 38'36

8 PRICE Toby         AUS     KTM AUS Rally Factory     KTM     + 39'54

9 SVITKO Stefan         SLO     Slovnaft Team     KTM     + 42'05

10 RODRIGUES Helder         POR     Team HRC     Honda     + 43'24

** 11 ISRAEL Jeremias         CHI     Team HRC     Honda     + 26'46**

** 17 SANZ Laia         SPA     Team HRC     Honda     + 1:12'32**

** 21 GOUET Daniel         CHI     Honda South America Rally Team     Honda     + 1:42'26**

** 28 AZEVEDO Jean         BRA     Honda South America Rally Team     Honda     + 2:37'37**

** 50 PIZZOLITO Javier         ARG     Honda South America Rally Team     Honda     + 4:51'27**

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