Moose Racing Ethanol Fuel Treatment

Moose Racing Ethanol Fuel Treatment Product Shot

Moose Racing Press Release:

Let’s face it, the fuel we are getting from the pump these days isn’t the best and the shelf life is much less than it used to be. That may not be a problem in your everyday vehicle, but if you are not using up all you purchase for your motorcycle in a timely manner, it can certainly go bad.  That is why fuel treatments have become so popular and Moose Racing is proud to introduce our new Ethanol Fuel Treatment.

One 8-ounce bottle will treat up to 48 gallons of fuel. By simply using one ounce for every six gallons of fuel, you will take care of many, common ethanol fuel problems.  This additive prevents gum, varnish and other fuel debris, treats water in your fuel and stabilizes gas.


- Treats 48 gallons of fuel

- Use 1 ounce for 6 gallons of fuel

- Helps prevent ethanol fuel problems

- Use at every fill up

- Prevents gum, varnish and other fuel debris

- Treats water in fuel

- Stabilizes gas

- Improves performance and fuel economy

- Made in the USA

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