US EPA Approves CSC Cyclone Motorcycle

CSC Cyclone Adventure Touring Motorcycle Shot

California Scooter Company Press Release:

CSC Motorcycles announced today that the United States Environmental Protection Agency approved the new CSC Cyclone motorcycle as compliant with US motor vehicle emissions requirements.

The CSC Cyclone is a 250cc adventure touring motorcycle that includes engine guards, luggage, a windscreen, 6-speed transmission, a 4.2-gallon fuel tank, water cooling, and a counter-balanced, fuel-injected, overhead cam engine as standard equipment.    CSC Motorcycles, an Azusa, California company, will distribute the CSC Cyclone in the United States and Canada (the Canadian approval process is pending).

“We’re pleased with the EPA approval,” said Steve Seidner, CSC Motorcycles President and Chief Executive Officer.   “The CSC Cyclone is an adventure touring bike that makes sense, and we believe its 250cc engine size is a perfect solution to real world adventure touring needs.”

Adventure touring is a motorcycle industry segment that is showing sharp gains, as is the 250cc market segment.   Adventure touring involves traveling (frequently on an international scale) on both paved and unpaved roads.   Adventure touring motorcycles include an upright seating position, tires suitable for both on and off-road use, and large capacity panniers (side bags).    The CSC Cyclone is the only motorcycle of its type in the 250cc range.

“The combination of these two emerging markets – the adventure touring and the 250cc segments – represents a tremendous opportunity for CSC Motorcycles and for our customers,” Seidner said.  “Our CSC Cyclone has had extremely positive reviews from magazines focused on the ADV niche, including Adventure Motorcycle, ADVPulse, and   It’s good to see that critical experts in this field agree with us; this is a great motorcycle and at its $3495 price, it represents incredible value.  We know that the Cyclone’s quality is as good as or better than any other motorcycle on the market today, including expensive European imports that cost 8 times as much as the Cyclone.”

With the US EPA approval, the Cyclone can now be sold in all 50 states except California.   California requires California Air Resources Board (CARB) approval.   CARB approval of the CSC Cyclone is expected shortly.

The CSC Cyclone is manufactured to CSC specifications by Zongshen in China.  The Cyclone motorcycles will start arriving in the US in February. CSC Motorcycles is accepting Cyclone orders now.

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