Dainese Webisode #3: THE CUBE (Video)

Dainese World Headquarters

Dainese Press Release:

After the first two episodes of the Webseries, Dainese launches The Cube.

The 90,000 m3 cube housing the Dainese warehouse and the starting point for the worldwide distribution of finished products.

Like everything else concerning the little red devil, also the cube features high technology systems. In fact, the 15,000 loading units that it can contain are transported using a highly automated system, and moved using laser-driven fork-lifts that move around the warehouse in full autonomy.

Inside the cube there is also room for passion, demonstrated by the window boasting the autographs of all the champions that have visited during the years!

Webisode #3: THE CUBE

For more information: www.dainese.com