VIDEO: Doug Henry, Dirt Rider Guest Editor

A behind-the-scenes look at the amazing Doug Henry, Guest Editor for Dirt Rider’s January 2015 issue.

Cycle World readers will remember Doug Henry, the popular motocross rider who won several AMA titles in the 1990s before getting paralyzed from the waist down as the result of a Supermoto crash in 2007. All along, Henry has been an inspiration to us all, routinely battling back from injuries and not letting his physical condition keep him from leading a full life. Most recently, this involved serving as the Guest Editor for Dirt Rider_, where he worked with the staff to create an excellent January issue. In this video clip, we get to see a slice of Doug's life at home in Connecticut, where he gets around the house with the skill of a gymnast and then does even more impressive work on his Yamaha dirt bike, which is fitted with a special protective cage. Clearly, Doug's our kind of "cager." Now, sit back and enjoy the video, and remember to pick up a copy of the _Dirt Rider's January 2015 issue, on sale now!