BARGAIN BLASTERS: Kawasaki Ninja 650

Everyday workhorse, weekend weapon.

Kawasaki Ninja 650 action shot

BASE PRICE: $7,699

We often lust after the full-blown performance of sportbikes, yet the reality of our riding habits entails more commuting and errand running than trackdays and canyon carving. Which is exactly why bikes like the Ninja 650 exist. Real-world fun combined with everyday livability.

The Ninja’s parallel twin provides a virtually flat torque curve; more than 35 pound-feet of twist are available from 2,800 to 9,500 rpm, peaking at 43.3 at 7 grand. With smooth, linear delivery, this 650 is amazingly easy to ride around town and has enough oomph to yank it out of tight canyon corners without a flurry of downshifts.

A reasonable seat height, comfortable riding position, and good wind protection make the Ninja a great choice for virtually any type of riding you plan to do. Good handling combined with excellent stability and decent suspension make it sporty enough to blur the scenery on a twisty road but forgiving everywhere else.

If you’re shopping for a bike capable of delivering everyday all-around fun, the Ninja 650 does not disappoint.

Kawasaki Ninja 650 static side view
DRY WEIGHT|443 lb.
WHEELBASE|56.0 in.
SEAT HEIGHT|31.4 in.
0-60 MPH|3.5 sec.
1/4 MILE|12.35 sec. @ 104.21 mph
HORSEPOWER|64.0 hp @ 8740 rpm
TORQUE|43.3 lb.-ft. @ 7030 rpm
TOP SPEED|125 mph