Dainese Webisode #1: Dainese Leather Stories (Video)

Dainese Webisode Series Promotional Shot

Dainese Press Release:

It was a trip to London as a young man that gave Lino Dainese inspiration to dedicate his life to working with leather and protective clothing, and to form the now-legendary Vicenza-based brand Dainese. Thanks to a special relationship with a local craftsmen, Lino had the opportunity to uncover and develop what he called the "intelligence of the hands" that, still today, is the heart and soul of the company bearing his name.

From the start of the adventure in 1972, Lino has been helped by many friends and colleagues, whose efforts still today, are a byword for the excellence, fieldwork and innovation that have always made Dainese and its products stand out from the rest.



A Block10 Production

Written by Luca Merli and Marco Renieri

Directed by Luca Merli

Filmed by Luca Merli, Gio Sbrokked Barberis and Davide Calafa

Edited by Gio Sbrokked Barberis

Music Consultant Gabriele Gabro Minelli

Archival Footage By Dainese

Song "Beat of Light” by Tom Peters and Greg McDonald

For more information: www.dainese.com