Yamaha GEN01

INTERMOT 2014: Intriguing three-wheel concept from Yamaha.

Yamaha GEN01 concept bike

Apart from the resurrected XJR1300 and the MT-07 Moto Cage, Yamaha did not have much to show at INTERMOT 2014. One exception: This wild-looking GEN01 three-wheeler, a concept designed to go almost anywhere. In fact, in the brief information shared with the media, Yamaha dubbed this vehicle a "crossover," but we're not sure between what and what.

This new Yamaha concept uses a massive double-telescopic fork in front, and a mysteriously articulated rear suspension. No details were offered about the engine, but we do know the GEN01 concept has belt drive. What does this portend for the future? Will Yamaha build a production three-wheeler much like the Piaggio MP3? Certainly looks like something is in the works.