Cannonball Run bikes may have been headed out of the country.

Good news: All four of the vintage Harley-Davidsons stolen two nights ago during the last stop of the 2014 Cannonball Run have been recovered. Buck Carson, from Team Carson Classic Motors, reports that some spare parts and engines are gone, plus some smaller bits have been stripped off the bikes. Carson, in a Facebook post, says the trailer was found in the Port of Tacoma, ready to be shipped overseas.

Last night, the Ford F-150 pickup was found in Auburn, Washington, about 20 miles from Tacoma. Earlier today, police found the trailer, which had its Cannonball logo covered with spray paint. Then, about an hour later, official word came down that the four vintage Harleys had been found in the trailer.

Details, admittedly, are scant at this time. We’re just glad that those rolling pieces of American motorcycle history have been found.

Buck Carson.

Found bikes.

Found trailer.

Found trailer.