TEASER VIDEO NO. 8: Kawasaki H2 Ninja on the Dyno!

Just how much power will this potent new Kawasaki produce?

As Cycle World fans well know, Kawasaki plans to reveal the supercharged new H2 Ninja at the Intermot show in Cologne, Germany, next Tuesday. And today, we've received another teaser video from Kawasaki, this one showing the H2 engine screaming away on the dynamometer and making its exhaust glow red. Other than the folks at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, does anybody have an idea of just how much power this new supercharged H2 Ninja will make? We still don't know the displacement of the engine, but Kevin Cameron, our technical guru, says that a ZX-10R motor running 10 pounds of boost should make 257 bhp. That should do.