RUMOR: Will MV Agusta Be Acquired By Mercedes-Benz?

Audi has Ducati. BMW has Motorrad. Mercedes has MV Agusta? It may happen.

MV Agusta and Mercedes logos

Rumors of Mercedes-Benz acquiring the MV Agusta brand and factory are gaining momentum. The Varese firm, led by Giovanni Castiglioni, denies that any negotiations have taken place, but there are so many rumors swirling around from independent sources that I feel it's time to let the Cycle World audience know that such a move is likely going to happen.

Why would Mercedes be interested in MV Agusta? A matter of prestige. By acquiring a majority share of MV Agusta, Mercedes can show those other German companies that it too can have a stake in the motorcycle world.

In the old days, BMW had a Motorrad department, but that was created from within back in the 1920s and never created any competition with Mercedes. Then, a few years ago, Dr. Ferdinand Piëch bought himself a birthday gift by having Audi, the premier marque of the VW Group, acquire Ducati. That move, together with the rise in prestige of BMW Motorrad, changed the perception that Mercedes has had of its traditional competitors, which now were succeeding on both four and two wheels. Suddenly, two wheels were cool again, and Mercedes began taking notice.

But it would take a really great motorcycle name to adequately enter this competition. And MV Agusta, with all its racing laurels and great technical tradition, would seemingly fill that role perfectly.

Will this happen? Independent sources not related to either company say something is in the works. But for now, it’s all denied by MV Agusta.