Caption Time!

We asked our Facebook fans to write captions for this Yamaha we spied at Trader Joe’s. Here are a few of our favorites.


It started out innocently enough, as a photo sent to me from a Trader Joe's parking lot by my wife. There, in one of the stalls, was an old two-stroke Yamaha enduro. A cool bike, for sure, with one small odd detail: a period-correct avocado green Samsonite suitcase firmly affixed as a top case. For fun, we posted this shot on the Cycle World Facebook page, asking for captions. More than 400 people responded, and the list below contains several of our favorites. Feel free to add your own captions here in the Comments section, or visit the Cycle World Facebook page to enjoy the frequently wry humor of so many others. And while you're there, don't forget to "like" Cycle World!

Our favorites, in no particular order:

  • "She may have taken the house, my 401K, and the Street Glide, but I still have my Yamaha, two changes of clothes, and my dignity...well, sort of. Hope this Motel 6 takes checks."

  • "Yamahaulin'."

  • "Dirt bagger."

  • "Future KLR owner."

  • "Touratech's new retro top case, the Samsonite, comes in avocado green."

  • "Chuck Norris is back in town."

  • " staffer."

  • "Business in the back, party in the front."

  • "Is this the new Kawasaki H2?"

  • "Got places to be and things to do."

  • "Divorced, single, and ready to move on."

  • "Comes with a free U2 album."

  • "She said it was either her or the bike. I moved out."

  • "Anyone order a pizza?"

  • "Brut, leopard-print undies, 4-in.-wide plaid tie, cassette player, The Doors, a bag of weed ... Can you hear me knocking, girl?

  • "The Not-So-Super T with optional top case."