VIDEO TEASER: Kawasaki Ninja H2

Supercharged superbike will be unveiled at the Intermot show in Germany later this month.

Kawasaki is lighting up the internet with blatant hints about an all-new superbike that will be revealed to the world September 30 at the Intermot show in Cologne, Germany. Better yet, this new Ninja H2 appears to be supercharged, as the bypass chirps so easily heard in the audio portion of this video strongly suggest. For the record, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, whose aircraft subdivision makes turbine blades for many commercial jet engines, is no stranger to superchargers. Its Jet Ski Ultra 300X personal watercraft is blown, and the company also displayed a supercharged four-cylinder motorcycle engine at the Tokyo Motor Show last year. What will this new Kawasaki H2 superbike be like? We've put Technical Editor Kevin Cameron on the assignment, and he'll report back soon. Meantime, enjoy the video, and crank up the volume.