Visorvision V2 Helmet Faceshield Cleaning Sponge

Visorvision V2 Helmet Faceshield Cleaner Product shot

Visorvision Press Release:

The unique, V-shaped Visorvision V2 Sponge™ is a visor-cleaning breakthrough. Taking inspiration from the sweep of a jet plane wing, the sponge's slash-cut leading edges, which do most of the dirty work, are tapered to provide 7% more leading cleaning-edge surface area than square sponges of the same thickness.

Waterless Cleaning Power:

Packing the latest developments in material technology, the 3-inch x 3-inch sponge is almost weightless. The V2--unlike other visor cleaners--does not rely on potentially damaging chemicals for cleaning power. Simply douse it with a small amount of water and get to work. Far more effective than old-school sponges and wipes, the V2 glides over smooth surfaces, then hunts down visor muck.

Its tiny Microcell fibers cut into dirt and bug remnants, effortlessly lifting them away. Then, a quick buffing with one of the two supplied spun-woven, lint-free absorbent cloths magically leaves visors with a dry, smear-free, optically clear surface.

Small, Lightweight & Convenient:

Unlike conventional sponges, "wet wipes" or faceshield cleaners in spray bottles, a moist V2 easily slips into its tough, 4 inch x 5 inch grip-sealed, water-tight plastic storage bag, leaving it ready for the next assignment. Soft and safe, it can be stashed just about anywhere: in jacket pockets, under seats, in luggage and other small spaces. During normal use, the V2 Sponge can be expected to deal with approximately 12 cleaning jobs.

Award-Winning Product:

In Europe, the V2 Sponge is firmly established as one of the finest faceshield cleaning solution on the market, having won of every magazine shootout against similar products since its launch.



1. V-shape replicates the shape and sweep of an aircraft wing

2. Slash-cut V is easy to grip

3. Leading edges are tapered, providing 7% more cleaning edge than square sponges of the same thickness

4. Sold in convenient pocket-sized packages of one, three and six

5. Chemical-free cleaning power--just add water

6. Microcell fibers cut into dirt and bug remnants, lifting them away

7. Two spun-woven, lint-free absorbent buffing cloths included with each V2

8. Leaves a dry, smear-free, optically clear surface

9. Put away damp, they're ready for their next use

10. Moist sponge stored in heavy-duty, grip-sealed, water-tight plastic bag

11. Practical and easy to use--simply rinse and re-use

12. Can be stashed in jacket pockets, under seats, in luggage and other small spaces

13. Available individually or in multi-packs of 3, 6 and 12

MSRP: $6.99 Each

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