BEST SUPERBIKE: Ducati 1199 Superleggera

Ten Best Bikes of 2014.

There has never been a production superbike like the Ducati Superleggera. The bike’s specs read like a flashback to Chemistry 101 and trying to memorize the periodic table of elements: Mg, Ti, W, Al, and C. With its magnesium monocoque chassis and forged wheels, countless titanium fasteners, exhaust, con-rods, plus a carbon-fiber tailsection and bodywork, Ducati has delivered a liter-class sportbike that weighs a scant 390 pounds (claimed) fully fueled. But the Superquadro engine is equally exotic and tuned to produce just shy of 190 rear-wheel horsepower. The combined result delivered 150-mph, fifth-gear wheelies on our exclusive ride at Italy’s Mugello Circuit. This isn’t the finest production superbike of the year. It’s the most incredibly trick superbike ever made.

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Nose section close-up.

Stripped view.