Ride For Kids: Ohio/Indiana Event Raises $92,000 For PBTF

Ride For Kids Promotional shot

Ride For Kids Press Release:

Motorcyclists from Marysville, Ohio to northern Indiana hit the road on Saturday and Sunday to raise more than $92,000 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Nearly 300 motorcyclists attended Ride for Kids events in Marysville, Ohio and South Bend, Indiana, to honor local children with brain tumors. These Stars were Lindy, Jennifer, Daniel, Libbie, Hannah, Corey, Patrick, Jon, Zara, Jayden, Naomi and Erin.

Star Hannah just turned sixteen and is learning sign language. She signed to the crowd, “Thank you, friends.”

Making life better for Ride for Kids Stars is the reason motorcyclists across the country ride for the PBTF, which funds medical research and family support programs to help eliminate the challenges of childhood brain tumors

Ride for Kids:

For more information: www.rideforkids.org