Leader Motorcycle TomTom, Via & GO GPS Mounts

Leader Motorcycle GPS Mount Product Shot

Leader Motorcycle Accessories Press Release;

The Leader TomTom GPS Mount just might be the simplest, most classy way to mount your TomTom GPS on a Motorcycle.

This mount works with any TomTom GPS that has a 15.6mm ball "receiver hole" on the back of the GPS itself. This includes the TomTom Via Series and many in the "GO" Series. (See our web site for complete model listing.)

The Leader TomTom Mount includes a base bracket with Ultra-Security and anti-vibration features, as well as the TomTom-specific-sized ball. Just snap the GPS onto the ball mount. The GPS rotates/tilts just as it does in your car.

MSRP: $89.99

For more information: www.leadermotorcycle.com