Update: Cannon Ball Centennial Ride

We finally made to New York City. Although we had it much easier than Cannon Ball Baker did, it was still an impressive accomplishment.

Cannon Ball riders group photo

Our group of Cannon Ballers rolled into Battery Park in Manhattan right on schedule yesterday, completing all 3,300 miles of Cannon Ball Baker’s cross-country 1914 route. Great work, Don Emde. The dream you've been working toward for the last three years is now a reality, and the incredible event is in the books. Better than your average ride, for sure. Here’s what Emde had to report earlier today on his Facebook page, one day after the accomplishment set in.

"Day after thoughts: As I get my day going here in New York on Thursday, I have the same feelings as the day after I had won the Daytona 200 back in 1972. Like the Cannon Ball ride, my Daytona victory involved a lot of hard work, planning, organizing, as well as a few lucky breaks that worked in my favor. And like 1972, today I am thankful for everyone who helped make the Cannon Ball Project succeed. Once I get home and go through all my notes, I will post a complete list, but I am most thankful to my team that made the ride with me. I am so proud of how they worked together to keep things moving along to keep us on schedule, and to assist the CBCR riders however they needed it. My sister Nancy Emde-Steward did an amazing job with all of the many reservations and details for all of us for about two weeks of travel from San Diego to New York. Her husband Chris Steward kept the Chevy truck and support trailer running down the road. His experience with their Trail Boss Tours business gave him the instincts of where to be at the right time with the trailer. My son-in-law Ryan Rose and his dad Roland were there as needed as our traveling EMTs and Ryan's help to setup our radio communications system was invaluable, as was his sweep role behind the group that I am not sure the CBCR riders even knew was happening. I was always aware up front whenever we had any breaks from the group at the back. And last but not least was a right hand man from the start Joe Colombero. He always did whatever he was asked to do and I look foreword now to seeing all of the great photos he took on the ride. There are so many others, but I need to clear my brain first so I don't forget anyone. To the riders who went with me from San Diego, I know you had a great time, and we'll always share this big "life event." Thanks to all..."—Don Emde

The Group.

That's Don Emde and I with a photograph of Cannon Ball Baker that was taken on his arrival in New York City 100 years ago today.

We rode past the new One World Trade Center building on the site of Ground Zero.

Randy Aron has more style than most of us...

Great to see that lady in the harbor.

Robert Pandya on his Indian.