VIDEO: On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter

Modern version of the epic motorcycle flick features Travis Pastrana, Marc Marquez, and many others. Watch the trailer here!

Bruce Brown's 1971 classic documentary, On Any Sunday, exposed legions of folks to the wonderful world of motorcycling. Now, Bruce's son, Dana Brown, a filmmaker who made Step into Liquid and Dust to Glory, is creating a modern take on the original, capturing on film those who ride motorcycles today and what the sport means to them.

The beautifully shot movie, scheduled for release this fall, features Travis Pastrana, Marc Marquez, Robbie Maddison, James Stewart, Carlin Dunne, Dani Pedrosa, and others. If this new version of On Any Sunday has half the impact of the 1971 original, it will be a huge success. Enjoy the trailer!

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