Ride wired!

Zero FX ZF5.7 action shot

Electric vehicles are typically perceived as eco-friendly commuters that eschew petroleum and embrace the plug at the expense of excitement. But Zero Motorcycles didn't get the memo. It never knew electric bikes had to be boring.

Witness the stealth-black FX. This plug-in hooligan bike has a nasty-fun demeanor that you’d never expect from an electric motorcycle. The secret to this urban commando’s performance? How does 74 pound-feet of torque in a bike that weighs only 280 pounds sound? Switch the mode selector to Sport (Eco and Custom are the other options) and snappy power wheelies are just a twist of the wrist away.

With light and flickable handling, the FX is a playful and fun local commuter. But the excitement comes at a cost: short range. That relatively light weight is the result of a battery pack that’s essentially half the size of the largest one used in the S, DS, and SR stablemates, keeping you closer to a power outlet than you may like. We usually got around 40 miles on a charge. But they are great miles.

No question, the FX is the world’s most entertaining electric bike.

Extreme action shot.

On-road action shot #1

On-road action shot #2

Off-road action shot #1

Off-road action shot #2

Static left-side view.

Static right-side view.

Nose section.

Zero name badge.