Honda Grom: CHARACTERS... Bikes That Move Your Soul

The small bike for all reasons.

The real power of the Honda Grom? How many bikes would you even consider taking to a skatepark? That was our first move with the friendly, fun little 125. Then we took it to a CW trackday, where three-time World Champion Freddie Spencer hopped on with a huge smile to cut laps and later climbed off with an even bigger grin. Everybody, it seems, wants to grab the bike to moto through the parking lot and out to lunch or home or anywhere. What other machine transitions so smoothly from skatepark to road course to parking lot?


The Grom invites an unpre­tentious relationship with two wheels and practically forces you, in the friendliest possible way, to have a good time. Sure, it only made 8.96 hp on the CW Dynojet dyno, but if you don't buy a Grom because of this, you don't deserve to own one.

Price is now $3,199, a tick or two up from its sub-$3K intro MSRP. No worries; it's still worth it. The Grom will adorn motorhome bumpers for years to come. It will pop up in garages alongside Ducati Super­leggeras, Harley-Davidson CVO Road Kings, KTM Adventures, and Yamaha motocrossers. Or next to a Honda Civic. Or chained to a bike rack in the city.

The Grom goes everywhere, bringing smiles all around. And the world is better for it.

PRICE $3199
WEIGHT 225 lb.
SEAT HEIGHT 29.7 in.
TOP SPEED 55 mph
HORSEPOWER 8.96 @ 6750 rpm
TORQUE 7.95 lb.-ft. @ 5330 rpm
FUN FACT Grom development resulted in four patent applications regarding the split-structure fuel-tank cover and frame.

Extreme action photo #1

Extreme action photo #2

Extreme action photo #3

Extreme action photo #4

Freddie Spencer on the Honda Grom.

Static group photo.

Static right-side view.

Static left-side view.

Front wheel.


Overhead cockpit view.

Instrument panel.

Engine (left-side view).

Engine (right-side view).

Rear wheel / swingarm.

Seat / exhaust pipe.