MotoGP Update: Dani Pedrosa On…

Repsol Honda rider opens up on racing and life.

Dani Pedrosa race action shot

…Honda RC213V: "You have to ride it this way. the bike does not give you any drive. It just spins. Yamaha is different. They can keep the edge. They cannot be so aggressive on the brakes. The way of riding the bike makes also the style."

…Circuit of The Americas: "At this track, there are no particularly fast corners. That's why you cannot make an advantage . If you go to Barcelona or Mugello, where the corners are not tight, you spend a lot of time on the edge, and the Yamahas are always in front."

…Moto2 riders having to ride so hard that they hate their bikes: "Yes, I hear that, too. I hear they are not fun bikes. They are very complicated, and the new riding style—the elbow being so low—comes from these bikes."

…A new equilibrium in his life: "Sometimes, this feels hard. There is a lot going on around you. And at one moment, you have to say, 'Okay, I also do this because I enjoy,' and you have to try to get the best out of every situation. The more happiness you make around you, you can be more relaxed and even faster."

…Bridgestone tires: "I like spec tires. I like everyone running the same tires."

…MotoGP's "Open" class: "Everything is mixed up. It is like five categories in one. The Honda satellite bike was made to be a CRT, not an Open. The guys riding these bikes are at a clear disadvantage to the other Open. At the moment, MotoGP is not fixed, but it will change sooner or later. I think they are trying, but it is still not the right formula."