The Essential Buyer’s Guide - Ducati Desmodue Twins

The Essential Buyer’s Guide - Ducati Desmodue Twins Book image

Veloce Publishing Press Release:

Here is a book packed with good advice on how to find and maintain a Ducati Desmodue twin. From running costs, through paperwork, vital statistics, valuation – this book shows you exactly what to look for when examining a potential Ducati Desmodue purchase.

Along with a detailed description of all the individual models, there is a comprehensive condition checklist and guide, photos of key areas to check, and foibles to be aware of. Includes key specifications and details of useful upgrades that will enable one of these classic machines to be used on a regular basis, and a guide to the market and values.


- Like having a real marque expert at your side – benefit from years of real ownership experience

- Full coverage of all Desmodue twin Ducati models

- Where and how to buy a Desmodue Ducati

- Advice on choosing the right model and condition

- Key checks – how to spot a bad bike quickly

- Comprehensive inspection guide

- In-depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses

- Discussion of desirable upgrades as well as modifications to avoid

- Market and value data, predicts which models will become collectable

- Details of club back-up and support organizations

The Pantah Desmodue brought Ducati into the modern world of motorcycles. They were immediately more reliable than the earlier bevels, and established a blueprint that continues today. The proliferation of models is such that it can be difficult to determine the exact specification of an example. This book provides a guide to all of the individual models, their attributes and pitfalls, and what to look for when purchasing. When new, the Ducati Desmodue twins provided state-of-the-art handling and performance, and they still can.

Covers the period 1979-2013 and Pantah, F1, 750 Sport, 600, 750 900 1000 Supersport, ST2, Monster, SportClassic. Doesn't cover 4-valve and 3-valve per cylinder Ducati models.

MSRP: $18.00

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